Holly Young

Journalist, editor and podcaster


Holly Young is an award-winning freelance journalist. Originally from Scotland, she spent four years as a staff editor at the Guardian in London before relocating to Berlin. Her reporting focuses on climate change, migration, and social justice. She has also written widely about mental health, the far-right, technology, language, employment, cities and education. In 2018 she edited the book ‘Rise’ and produced an audio documentary for the award winning Ground Truth podcast series.

Originally from Edinburgh, Holly spent four years working for the Guardian in London as an editor, commissioner and writer. During this time she was deputy editor of the Global Development Professionals section, editor of the language section, and the launch editor of a series on psychology and learning. She has also produced film, podcasts, and interactive features for the Guardian. She focuses on interview features and long-form reporting.

In 2015 Holly won the AidEx Humanitarian Reporting Award for her coverage of refugee mental health support in Sicily. The same year, after being awarded a fellowship from the International Journalism Programme, she worked for two months at Die Tageszeitung in Berlin. In 2016 Holly was awarded a European Journalism Fellowship with the Freie Universität in Berlin to document the experiences of refugees living in the city's emergency shelters.

Since becoming full-time freelance in September 2017 she has written for Guardian, Spex, Weapons for Reason, The Local, Al Jazeera, IRIN, Info Migrants and Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle

In April 2018 Holly was the first person selected for the incubator project at Ground Truth in Boston. Her audio documentary on interpreters in the asylum system can be found here on the award-winning podcast series. She has also produced radio reports for PRI’s ‘The World’ and Deutsche Welle’s ‘Worldlink’.

Holly is the editor of ‘Rise’, a book published in 2018 by photographer Alexa Vachon exploring the lives of a football team for refugee women in Berlin.

After studying Modern History at Oxford University, Holly completed a masters in Contemporary South Asian Studies, also at Oxford University. She received a first-class distinction and was awarded the annual Barbara Harriss-White Award for her research on Dharavi slum in Mumbai.

Holly is always looking for story tips, commissions and exciting collaborative projects. Get in touch on hollyyoung.journalist@gmail.com